JNCO Course Question


I am a CDT and am Bidding for a JNCO course. I would just like to find out what it entales exactly, as the information on portal is really vague, and I would just like to know what to expect please.

I am not very confident and have an empty brassard apart from the Sqn Badge and Leading Badge, as I keep getting told that these courses are going to happen at our squadron , but have been waiting a year now and when I asked if I could do them elsewhere I was told to wait and do it on home Sqn.

I also have no leading badge- do I need this to be elligible for a JNCO course?

The answers will vary a lot depending on your Wing.

As an example, in my wing you need to be a Cpl to be eligible for a JNCO course. We’d expect at least blue leadership, but not necessarily a prerequisite.

NCO courses tend to spend some time looking at responsibilities of an NCO, management (as opposed to leadership), possibly a bit on welfare, likely a degree of drill (but without encroaching on DTC(I)).

I’m surprised that you’ve been discouraged from attending off-squadron activities, though - particularly if they’re not happening on squadron.

@Squirrel I am in N. Yorks in the North Region.

My concern is the drill as I haven’t even taken a squad before- how does the drill work on these courses?

Ask your Sqn to give you practice opportunities?

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Again, it will vary. I’m not in your wing.

For a JNCO course, we spend a fair amount of time teaching you to command a squad - many newly promoted Cpls are in the same position you are in having not commanded a squad.

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