JNCO - bronze leadership course


I didn’t say they were over-staffed, what I said was there has been a proliferation of these courses over the last few years as people with boxes to tick on matrices get involved. It’s all about look at what I’m doing. This has never endeared me to people in a voluntary setting. It’s like you’re supposed to be impressed. Even at work where there is potentially a point it is tiresome.
Upwards of 25 cadets on a course, any sort of assessment in one or even two days will be worthless. What does the assessment mean, as there is not enough contact? What are staff at the squadron supposed to do with them? Other than recycle them.
Keep the courses purely as an information day either to let them know what’s required or remind them the general things only, trying to make them something more is not required.


What i think is your experience of how your wing runs courses is probably sub par.

Our wing has a clear development plan for the cadets. They spend some time at Sqn doing some pre-work prior to the course (The Sqn OCs are fully aware of the expectation to ensure the cadet is independent in doing that pre work but allow them the time and advice if needed). They then come on a training day to learn what they need to know to develope their skill sets. They go away and consolodate that learning and put it into practice on unit, again with the Sqn OC empowered to support them.

A minimum of 4 weeks later they come back on an assessment day. This is all practical to demonstrate they have been putting the knowledge to use and can activley demonstrate the right behaviours. If they pass brilliant if not they get open and honest feedback to pass the elements locally infront of a sector staff member.

The cadets must pass to progress on to the next course. I.e. must complete JNCO and cadet drill course prior to promotion to Sgt to ensure they have the right skills and behaviours to carry out the role.