JHQ Reindahlen

Hey chaps, just wondering if the JHQ Reindahlen camp is still running? Thanks.

Went out to Germany last year on a squadron camp and we stayed at Javelin Barracks but did go across to JHQ just for a look around the base and the cadet squadron. There wasn’t a great deal still there, the accommodation looked quite run down as well. It all looked extremely empty. The school is shutting down, and so as a result so is the cadet squadron.

Also from ARRSE http://www.arrse.co.uk/strategic-defence-spending-review-2010/167621-closure-jhq-move-back-21.html

[quote]And the good news* from the GGs mouth is: 31.08.13 is endex for JHQ. This morning OC GLSU informed us that we (LECs and Deps) will receive our notices during July 12, for an effective date of 31.08.13. After that there is nothing.

Cheers, sad to see it go. Just got back from RAF Akrotiri and love overseas camps so I guess I’ll have to head to Gibraltar or Rammstein.