Jersey/Jumper: When?

What policy do you think should be implented in regards to jumper/jersey in No. 2 uniforms for cadets?
Does the individual decide for their own? Or does the squadron does it as a whole? If so, where is the line drawn and what is it based on?

Easy… Whenever you’re cold. Individual choice.
There is no cut off date for winter/vs summer dress and there hasn’t been for years. There is also no requirement for “uniformity” in working dress.

The only time that anyone should be making an “all on or all off” type of decision is for a formal parade/inspection/similar.


As above. I leave it down to individuals. As long as they come dressed correctly whether with jumper or not, in a smock or not I don’t care.

Obvious exceptions are formal external parades. I don’t mind too much on one of our enrolment parades.

The line is ‘am I cold?’.

No other element of Defence feels the need to proscribe when numbers should or should not be worn on informal sub-unit parades or during work time.

If you were doing a Freedom of the City march it would be different, but for a big standard, in-squadron event it’s a matter for the individual as to whether they wear a jumper or not.

Another point which often seems to be misunderstood when this topic comes up is that “First Parade”/“Final Parade” is not a formal parade which requires uniformity.

I have seen people permit jerseys etc during the main part of the night, but then insist on uniformity for the first and last 10 minutes.
Utterly ridiculous.


This has been answered. If YOU are cold. Wear a jumper.