I've just bought something new


what brandbof BCD is that? looks pretty gucci!


Queen Bee arrived in post from overseas. She spent 2 days in here little cage in the hive before eating her way through a small block of candy.

There’s all sorts of things sent in the post, but his was our most unusual for a while.


Santa bought me a Phantom Quadcopter and my credit card seems to of bought me a GoPro4 B) Wonder how it knew :whistle: . I have now to put them together and see what i can see.


Remember to fly responsibly and look up RPAS operating regs :slight_smile: The Phantom II with goPro gives good results, one of my collegues has just gone into buisiness using just that set up as a starting point.


Maybe I shouldnt of bought the 7.25 gauge loco and a mile of track. B) but it will look good in the garden.


I may have to pop round with my new toy (when it arrives) and film it :slight_smile:


My first job out of the RAF was parcel delivery (it didn’t last…) and we’d occasionally get polystyrene boxes marked ‘Live Bees’.

I’m ashamed to say that it was rather amusing to listen to the box going “bzzzzzzzzzzzz”, then give it a rattle and hear it go “BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!” :evil: