It's OK to not be OK - Gen Patrick Saunders

This video has attracted pretty much universal praise - I think it’s very good, and it’s not just for people who’ve done crunchy tours: the feelings he talks about are absolutely a template for depression and anxiety, which can effect anyone.

Much better than kettle bells…

Please watch it, and OC’s, please think about using it as a way of talking to your people.


What a fantastic video.

Haven’t the Army comms team just nailed it recently?

They had a bit of a blunder in the initial ad campaign which was a bit odd around mental health etc… But their Army Cadet adverts, this, and other communications have been excellent. They seem to have tidied up the message and are slamming it home, credit where it’s due.


Yeah from what I hear from friends in the army the whole culture has really shifted in the last 18 months in a massively positive way