IT queries

A couple of small IT related queries which I’ve hit some brick walls on that I’m hoping someone would know

  • Is it possible to use a RAFAC login (say adj/oc/100 account) to login to a laptop? If I try it I get that the Microsoft account “doesn’t exist”
  • Does our Microsoft deal allow us to install Word and so on or do we need to buy those?


  1. No the device will have a Microsoft account linked to its owner (with a password or PIN). Or a local user name and password.

The Microsoft account in that case is separate to RAFAC accounts, it will be set by the person who first set up the laptop, or their company if a business one.

(If it is a new device and you want to ‘force’ a local account, you can do this by running the Windows set up with the PC not connected to either WiFi or a wired network - it bypasses the Microsoft account bit)

  1. Yes but not the download versions just the online. These are ok but depend on your internet speed. You do also get a OneDrive on Bader for online storage.

Charities can get the full Microsoft licence at a low price - via Charity Digital. One for your CivCom.

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