It is a job!


Having a look through s/point the other night I saw a BIN that referred to nationality rules etc for staff applicants.
With it comes a new for basic application form and TBH this more like a job application than an application to volunteer in a youth organisation. The references in particular seem to ask things that I didn’t think you were allowed to ask anymore. When we do references at work they have to be neutral, but the questioning is very, very strong. Also your line manager has make a declaration and sign something, which again is not inline with current practice for workplace references.
It also now incudes a need to sign a declaration on the Official Secrets Act.

It seems from reading that this will also be have to be dome every time an F90 is renewed.

This all seems very odd coming as it does after the contract we’ve had to sign or leave the Corps if we don’t.

So with the contract and now this, are we volunteering or applying for a job, it all seems very blurred.


Does this now make the term Volunteer Allowance redundent and should now be replaced by the term renumeration otherwise known as pay.


I’ve just had 4 new potential CIs just return their completed paperwork and now I’m having to send them this new form to complete before I can approach Wing. It’s a ridiculous form and is, quite frankly, a sledgehammer to crack a nut much like the volunteer agreeement and the cadet forces commission. Anyone else noticing an trend in way the Corps reacts to things?


It’s a more in depth form than I filled out when joining the RAF, and has some parts that I’ve not done since being DV’d.

Beyond absurd.


I would not be surprised unless your candidates are cadets transitioning to staff, that some of your potential candidates say ‘don’t need this goodbye’.


That wouldn’t matter one iota to those in the ivory towers, although a record of how many proper potential staff (not ex-cadets) we lose along the way, would be an interesting statistic and one to learn from.


Ive been made aware of this super new form and more and more im so glad im not part of the organisation anymore.If theres one thing guaranteed to hack people off its more paperwork. Ive been told the new form requires written references from employers and nosing into your bank accounts too.As has been previously noted references from employers are very neutral these days and only require you to say a person worked for you from date to end date.
As for signing the Official Secrets Act I cant wait till HQAC decide to prosecute someone under section 2.In conclusion does anyone think there is a conspiracy ongoing to totally de stabilise the whole organisation by so alienating the staff that the losses cant be sustained and neither can the organisation.I for one will be telling anyone who approaches me about joining not to bother unless they fancy a lot of grief.


I heard about these new super forms last night from someone who works at wing.

All I can say is-

How can we as an organisation, that is so desperate for volunteers, make it so difficult to bloody become one?


Because we have an adminner in charge of the Corps.


Yeah, not even your employer has a right to do that.

I’m sure HQAC under the Dawninator and her acolytes think they are running the RAF, even the MoD.


Because it’s easy to dupe naïve teenagers into becoming staff and they don’t have the worldly experience that someone older would have to question it.
A few employers and others may feel itchy about a non neutral reference, in case there is any come back on them.


I just checked mine. No mention of banking information at all. Are we all talking about the same form?


I just find it all sad. I’m only 23. Became staff as soon as I timed out.

I feel like the whole staffing process needs to be torn apart and redone.

I find the commissioning process in particular to be a pain in the backside. I’m due to sit OASC in February after sitting my filter interview way back in April. Then a further 8 weeks (someone on my unit sat OASC last week and was told it’s approx 8 weeks) to find out the result.

This whole process is totally unnecessary for volunteers of a youth military organisation.


Good question! Still, sometimes the volunteers add to the problem. My Wing has sent out an email stating that everyone will need to complete these forms in the next 6 months. Despite that not being the Corps policy. If I’m asked to complete one, I’m going to put the Wing Co and the WExO as my referees, and advise anyone who will listen to do the same. Hopefully, the Wing Commander receiving tens of these forms will make them rethink the blanket rules…


Worth noting that ‘signing the official secrets act’ is entirely pointless and carries no legal status…


I find it hilarious that I need a higher level of vetting for my hobby than I do for my job!


Just to be a bit pedantic, we don’t sign the act, MP’s do that and we sign to say we agree with and agree to comply with the Act


Why do we have to sign it and when does all of this need to be done by?


It may have no legal status and history proves that a lot of people pay no heed to it whatsoever, you can bet your bottom dollar that HQAC would publicly hang people out to dry if they think they are in breach.


The problems seems to be FTRS status.
In the past as retired officers I tend to think our supposed masters just saw the ATC as something to turn up for, do a bit and then back to the pipe and slippers. But as FTRS it appears they think they have to do something and keep doing something to justify their existence. This would be exaggerated if they as FTRS have annual reviews, which if they do, encourages tinkering and fiddling in an area they know nothing about.

The contract and now this elevates CFAV above being spare time volunteers in a youth organisation. It does seem a little ironic that this coming in seems to have coincided with the (latest) cut off date for not signing the contract.