IT Helpdesk Role, CS vs Private Sector Pay and Perks

So the IT Service Desk Manager job at HQ RAFAC has been released.

For me it would be a job title and promotion but massive pay cut!

Aren’t going to be able to hirer anyone who is actually skilled/capable as a Service Desk Manager for that salary unfortunately unless someone over qualified is desperate for a job.



Heres an idea…
Relies first on a few observations which I would take as fact.

  1. The org has a need for central staff performing a variety of admin type roles.
  2. The RAFAC has many, many volunteers who are very qualified, competent and skilled individuals from across a variety of industries and sectors.

Therefore, it could work out far more cost effective, provide flexibility and ‘defence in depth’ across roles, if HQAC used volunteers for some of these roles.

I would advocate that if (simply for example) there is a critical shortage of IT bods at HQAC to create for every one shortage. 20 volunteer posts.
Each volunteer could claim an additional 28 days VA at rank for the work they did in that extra volunteer role.
I would also (maybe controversially) extend VA to CIs at equivalent Cpl pay so they could contribute.
Deliberately cpl so as to maybe encourage a few more CIs into uniform.

20 volunteers each providing upto a.months worth is still cheaper as there is no pension erc to pay.

Volunteer numbers and taskings could be phased up or down, depending on need at the time.

Either that or the org needs to jolly well hire people and get on with supporting itself.

If the whole civil service hiatus is going to be raised etc.

Maybe the time has come to just privatise the Corps and be done with it.
Separate from the RAF and MOD for funding go fully sea cadet and fund ourselves.
No more nonsense on relying on the MOD. They can just provide the core activities.

Of course this relies on the people at HQAC being able to source external funding and frankly I wouldnt trust them with a childs piggy bank.

What a total omnishambles.

… and breathe.

That is a low salary for the role! Our Service Desk operators are on more, although not in Lincolnshire. Underpaid and undervalued civil servants sadly.

They do get the gold plated civil service pension. Extra holidays and other benefits however.

We have Level 3 Service Desk apprentices being paid more than that around here. I really can’t see them getting high quality, forward thinking and dynamic candidates for that salary!

The lad we have that sweeps the yard and does odd jobs in my place gets paid more than that.

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The Civil Service, bucking the national trends as always…

Looking at the job description, it looks like a glorified help desk job anyway.

The JO reads as “You are the Service Desk” rather than being the manager of a Service Desk Team.

to put that in perspective that is ~£11/hour

and the equivalent of being a cleaner - example job

or Pizza delivery driver - example job1
example job2

ok so the hours of the day will be different and the cleaner job is shift work - but in my mind “unskilled” labour at that rate…utter madness why anyone capable of that job description could agree to it

£21k?! for “Service desk manager”?! Even in the public sector that’s laughable (and even considering the job description does read as “service desk operator”).

As a CI, I’d happily do that kind of work (which is similar to some of the stuff I do in work occasionally, but for a different kind of tech service), for £81 / day (… I’m actually a little surprised at the pay for regular Cpls - it’s significantly higher than other public sector roles with similar skills / responsibilities, even (IMVHO) taking into account “risk money”, etc, given the other benefits that regulars get

Hahahahaha One just above the rate of inflation pay rise in the last 10 years, extra holidays (where?), would love to know the other benefits as well.

£21K per year, welcome to CS; a some people think the pay in the CS is good…

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Out of interest does Qinetiq count as CS given they were formed out of government depts

Wouldn’t have thought so.

They’re effectively a private firm right?

Technically I think so… But also a bit of Hybrid in some areas, might be wrong!

Priveledge holiday for queens birthday for starters.

Most private sector jobs are the absolute minimum statutory leave. Civil service is often above that. With increases after X years.

That forgets entrepreneurs and business owners who often get zero annual leave, yet actually generate the tax to fund the civil service etc.

Other perks can easily be seen on the civil service recruitment website on most applications.

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So? Everyone has a role to play. Civil Servants develop or provide the public services business owners and entrepreneurs need to function.

I’m not a civil servant, but do find your assumptions about them a bit tiring.

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I truly wish…not that I’d know that…at all…

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