Issuing of Sqn Keys

Is there any regulations relating to issuing Sqn keys to a CWO?

I will look, but I would assume it is not permitted.
They won’t have been vetted the same as staff and no staff cadet can take solo lead on a squadron night.

We had keys as CWOs but we used to do things at the sqn at other times.
Mind you it was in a less precious time.
I wouldn’t issue keys to cadets, as I couldn’t see why they’d need it, as said cadets can’t be i/c on a parade night regardless of rank etc.

Staff Cadets can’t under the new rules be in sole charge on a Parade Evening.

However, they can be in sole charge of other activities, which may be run out of the Sqn HQ such as Radio Training on Saturday Morning in order to delivery this activity they would require keys.

Thank you all, I had thought that was the case.

If you have weapons then you can only issue keys to those approved by OC Wing that hold SC Vetting.

Says who?

I only give armoury keys to people with SC checks, but other staff hold building keys.

Fair one so long as they can’t access the room with the armoury in.

That sounds unlikely, unless you have a squadron with a room dedicated to the armoury. I am sure I have seen an armoury in a kitchen.


we have an “inner” and “outer” layer of keys in our key press.

All Staff have gate and front door key with access to the key press.

Certain staff have as above with access to the locked second leaf of key press - makes things simple, means anything “precious” is behind the second level.

Why? What exactly is someone without keys going to do with a large metal cabinet?

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Given the thickness of the doors on our armoury - if they can get through that then they deserve the weapons in my opinion!

Although it would be a bit of an odd one considering that the tools you’d need to get into my big metal box are probably more dangerous than the items inside…


Is that necessarily correct? Minimal difference between a (basic) CI and a CWO that I can tell.

I was thinking specifically of the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS)

Does that actually consist of anything other than looking at documents? (Which we already see when they do their DBS) and getting 2 references? (which with cadets tend to be members of staff from the Squadron).

Genuine question!

Isn’t BPSS a general dodginess check?
I though that the referees had to be external, and definitely not squadron staff.

Errm I’ve done loads of them and never had one bounced back…

I think it specifically says that people known to the organisation are preferred as referees.

I insist that the BPSS referees are not from the organisation.
If cadets don’t know two people over 18 who have known them for more than 2 years and aren’t related outside the ATC, what the heck have they been doing with their lives?
I’ve never got the need for two references, as it’s not a job.

Mind you IMO the BPSS isn’t worth the ink on the paper. so why we do it when we have DBS, as you are asked to self-declare youe criminal past and the DBS looks at more relevant misdemeanours. Or do we do BPSS to waste paper and keep some mandarin in a job?

I think we should just do SC and DBS (as the DBS ticks the kiddy fiddler box) and go from there and saves time and effort.