Issues with opening topics

Sometimes, when I’m viewing a topic on my mobile, when I open the link it skips back up the page like I’m scrolling to earlier posts.

Can this be fixed?

Can’t seem to replicate that… Which thread/link are you trying?

Weirdly, this one has just done it too. It’s not every thread and it’s not constant, so I can’t really answer those questions I’m afraid :pensive:

Hmm, how strange.

Is it whilst scrolling down or when you open the thread?

If it’s when you’re opening; it might be a cookie/cache issues as the thread doesn’t know where you last read to compared to where your browser shows it.

Does that make sense?

Which phone/browser combo have you got?


It’s always when I open a thread, and it’s a galaxy s7 running standard browser.

very strange, been testing it for a day or so now and it doesn’t happen with me.

Is anyone else having issues?