Issue black gloves

Hi all. I have noticed that on Proforma A that we can order a pair of black gloves for each cadet that we order for. I have started to issue to cadets one to get them out of my store and two the cadets were a bit keen for them.

What I want to know is what, when and where can they wear them? No idea where to look in the regs.


When it’s cold? I even wouldn’t have a problem with them being worn on parade of they all had them.


Absolutely spot on…!!

for completeness

[quote]AP1358C 1.08

  1. Gloves.

b. SNCO (ATC). Personnel may wear official pattern black leather gloves when ordered on ceremonial and other formal occasions. Additionally, black leather gloves may be worn or carried when in No 1 dress (unconnected with ceremonial) and working dress.
c. Cadets. Black leather gloves may be worn in cold weather. White gloves (not gauntlets) are to be worn by all bearers and escorts when parading Banners[/quote]

So regardless of activities just in cold weather.?

Wow! I made a common sense guess and the regs reflected it!?!

We’re through the looking glass here people…


A broken clock is right twice a day. I challenge you to find a second situation.

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You want the impossible.


I just want the seemingly impossible!

short of a PPE need, why else would anyone choose to where gloves if it wasn’t cold?

if it were a PPE need (which these board will argue “protection against the cold”) I would indicate there are bound to be better glove examples out there in place of using issued SD gloves.

Perhaps we should stop issuing Jeltexes on the basis that there are better raincoats available? Or jumpers when there are better protection from the cold available.

Sorry just realised what I put. I was thinking more on parades

i would say they are a “parade” item. standard for all in the regulars sub WO to wear black issued gloves on parade, why should Cadets not follow suit if the stores allows for everyone to have a pair?

They are an “optional item”.
Therefore they can be worn at any time optional items are permitted - at the discretion of the individual - unless otherwise ordered.

Parades are one of those times when optional items are not routinely worn. So no charity wristbands, no stable belts, no handbags, no black scarfs…
Gloves would be an obvious permitted item but would likely only be ordered for wear if available for all. A parade being one of the very few times when “uniform” should mean “all the same”.

latest AP1358 disagrees on this point.
it was always the case that Stables belts were not for parades but that line appears to have gone…!

Hi, as remembance parades are coming are black gloves permitted without a coat?

By the book, yes.

But why would you want to wear gloves without a coat? If it’s cold enough for gloves, it’s cold enough for jackets?

Is the rest of you going to be naked?

Because my hands get really cold but the rest of my body doesn’t because it has clothing on