Israel and Gaza 2023

I’m curious why there’s an (allegedly) Israeli embassy guard continuing to point his gun at presumably a very dead/near dead corpse.

You can even hear an American police officer stating he needs more fire extinguishers not guns.

AFAIK that was US secret service. This was on the outside of the embassy, so American responsibility.

It’s very American police response just to point a gun at the situation.


They probably didn’t watch his live stream, and were therefore unaware of his intentions.

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Very sad seeing the 3 brits have been killed in the airstrikes. From what I’ve read they’re 3 ex-forces guys that were working as security for a WCK. Absolute hero’s to go out there and risk their lives to help the WCK.

It is, unfortunately Israel do not give a hoot who they kill, the artificial apologies are merely a smoke screen. Is it a coincidence that they took out the security escort by accident given thatvtge IDF have hiod recce drones? Netanyahu is on par with Putin when it comes to diplomacy.

Well, the predictions appear to be happening. This could sadly see a big escalation in the area.

Oh, who had that on the Apocalypse Bingo card?

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The scary bit is that the drones are in flight right now.

Normally we only get told after an attack has occurred.

However this might be permit a complex face saving exercise.

Iran saves face by launch drone strike on Israel,

Iran doesn’t want to go to unrestricted war with Israel just let so lets it be detected by Israel so they can mitigate. Israel doesn’t want to go war with Iran just yet either if can be mainly defeated or mitigated they can brush it off .

We will what happens when the drones start to hit.

With Israel’s air defences? I doubt much will happen tbh.

Only takes one thing to get through and now Israel starts destroying Iran. Seen a fair few suggestions that Israel will let some stuff land specifically to give them reason to attack Iran…

What ever happens, it aint’ good, and will probably lead to more innocent civilians getting killed. :confused:

Reports that the RAF and USAF are assisting the Israeli’s in shooting down drones.

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Looks like lots being shot down in Jordan and Iraq already.

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Love to see the ROE for that one - Typhoons launching Meteor / AMRAAM shots that would likely hit tgts east of Israel?

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Or just using ASRAAM and cannons.

Well, there was certainly USAF over Iraq at the right time. So that may well have some truth to it!

And as they will have their transponders only set to military use, we won’t see them. With Ukraine, aircraft doing electronic surveillance kept theirs on.

The US are apparently reporting that there are 400-500 drones that have been launched… Also starting to see videos online of air defences kicking off and firing interceptors. However that’s hard to confirm as there are a lot of older videos that may well just be getting replayed.

Reports from iranian media they have launched ballistic missiles towards Israel.

This looks like it could go south quickly :grimacing: :grimacing: