Is there a wait before starting next classification exams?

Hello all,

Is there any required wait time between passing one classification’s exams and starting the next? For context i completed my senior exams three months ago and was wondering if I could get my OC to unlock my Master Cadet exams so i could do them.

Thanks in advance =)

Have you studied for them? Or just blasting though the exams at home?

Speak to your Sqn training Officer first.

The RAFAC Guidelines is it should take a year between classifications

I’m just trying to blast through them but ill speak to my OC.

Ok thanks, Guess i have a bit of a wait then =)

We have had emails fired at our OC as we normally get each exam done and dusted in a year. The last email we got was due to passing a leading exam on (for example) 1st January 2017 then they passed their senior 1st January 2018 give or take a day or 2. We were under the impression a year was 365 days :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s suggested that each classification should take 12 months to complete.

With each classification having 3 exams it’s one every 4 months which allows for the learning and exam alongside other activities on parade nights.