Is PTS different for CCF

I know classification badges are different but are there any other badges that are different

No. No difference in PTS. Differences in criteria for classification is up for grabs. No publication states the actual syllabus anymore, we have to rely on an annex from the defunct ACP22. But then the CCF specific PTS posters say that the classification syllabus is now the same.

So do the CCF have master cadet now?

No they do part 4 (I think that’s what its called)

That’s what it would be called but my OC says we don’t have it and my test sergeant comes in once a fortnight

Other than that poster there is nothing to say we do it. (Nor anything to say we need 3 exams rather than 1 for Part 3/senior) But I let my cadets wear it if they do the tests

I’ve done 11 (military aircraft systems has 2) and I at least want some recognition for it

If you do the first class logbook you can claim the BTEC (which will costÂŁ55) which is probably worth more than the badge in the longterm

That’s the thing, we don’t do the blue logbook

I see you are also an ATC cadet… if so pick your battles and shine in the ATC. What ever you achieve in the ATC should be transferable to CCF life but apparently not according to your boss

It’s on SharePoint and you can do it yourself then just get the staff to sign it

That’s the thing, not sure how SharePoint works, and my IC had not explained it

First Class logbook, not blue badge logbook. Does that clarification help?

CCF still don’t do that officially. Though it’s useful to check that criteria have been met

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Not really, we don’t have a logbook for first class because we call it part two and it’s really badly organized in my contingent

I’d focus on ATC sounds like you will get more cut through. What I would suggest is what we I do with one of my cadets who does CCF aswell as ATC, is that speak to your ATC OC if you can sit the exams that you have passed in CCF. Unfortunatley we cant link your CCF ultilearn log on to ATC but I personally wouldn’t have an issue with you doing that. It would help you progress through the ATC classifications quicker

The CCF and ATC syllabus is identical with the exception of Master Cadet, CCF cannot undertake the Master Cadet syllabi or wear the classification badge. That includes cadets that may serve in both CCF/ATC and may have completed MC within the ATC.

Absolute madness. Why is there a difference?
IF anything CCF should excel at the classification elements purely on having greater available IT for the exams and classrooms set up!

EVERYONE in the RAFAC should be using the SAME syllabus. Held to the same standards.

Whether they are in a “community unit” (ATC) or CCF unit (school).


Do the CCF still just do 2 subjects at Senior? I guess this (and the lack of Master) means they miss out on the BTEC Aviation Studies.

Difference is ATC stay till 20, CCF leave at 18 and given most of them are taking Highers or Adv Highers it’s wrong to pressure them with MC. Common sense really.