Is Poppy collecting covered by RAFAC insurance

As per the title - RA required yes, but is it covered by RAFAC insurance??

RBL should provide a copy of their Public Liability Insurance

Knowing some of the nonsense I’ve seen lately, you probably need to have BEL just to walk down the road to where you’ll be collecting.


Only if you pass a WHT on the pins first


In the past I’ve got a copy of their PL from the local branch and stuck that on the application.

YES, ACP 300 Instruction 306 Annex C covers it


Is it still the case that RBL, RAFA and RAFBF are the only charities we are allowed to support? I remember a few years ago a Squadron being stopped from supporting a H4H event for this reason.

Never heard of that! We’ve supported loads of other charities! Generally under their own PLI though.

Is this not for pure Air Cadet related fundraising however?

I would say that “charitable activates” is general term and there are no limitations mentioned.

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In over 30 years I’ve never been asked for any additional insurance and we’ve had really anal WAdOs and WExOs over the years.
Also for Poppy appeal you don’t need street collection permission from the LA.

I recall it being the case once upon a time that those were the only charities that we could do street collections for in uniform. However it didn’t apply to other sorts of fundraising.

I certainly have had H4H fundraising authorised by WHQ in the past (several years amd a different region ago), it was a fundraising day being run by a local pub with Cadets selling Raffle Tickets etc.

Public liability for authorised activities is indemnified by the MOD for all MOD sponsored cadet forces.

Street collecting very tricky area though. The law only allows for over 16s to carry out street collections.

Which law?

Section 5 of the Police, Factories, etc. (Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1916, as amended by the Local Government Act 1972 and Schedule 29 of that Act.

Street collection licences | Metropolitan Police

I can’t find anything in either act that says you have to be 16 to do Street collections. The act(s) basically allow District councils to choose their own rules, except withing the Met area. I think it may be a Met rule, not a law.

and is not insurance, either - the MOD self-insures.

Almost all collections planned by RBL are on private property so that doesn’t apply. (Shopping Centres, Train Stations etc).

Also I’m pretty sure that most areas exempt the RBL from those licences as Poppy Appeal lasts far longer than 4 days for example.