Is it too late

When all this is over. I was thinking about joining something. I used to be part of st john but it was disorganised and I never really learnt anything cause we kept going over the same stuff. At 16 is it too late to join. What kind of activities do you do.

We’ve had a couple of cadets join at 16 - it’s being honest with what you want to achieve, how much you do, and what you want out of it.

At worse case scenario you get 2 good years, best case scenario you get 4 years.

I’ve found the cadets who’ve got the most when they’ve joined older, are the ones who hit the ground running and do an awful lot of stuff albeit in a short time.


Thanks for answering. Do you still think you can get a full experience. Like traning and ranks

I’ve had a cadet join at 16 and just after their 18th birthday they were promoted to CWO…it was entirely down to how they pushed themselves forward

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What’s a CWO

Cadet warrant officer

The highest rank you can achieve in the RAFC

I know that this might sound like a really stupid question. But do you have to fly cause I am more interested in the other activities such as first aid and leadership rather than flying

You don’t HAVE to do anything in the RAF Air Cadets, you can do any of the activities or none of them.

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If you’re keen and work hard you can easily catch up. The only thing you will have missed is the activities you could have done.

Join as soon aa you can. Move forward and enjoy the opportunities.

I would reccomend contacting by email your local Sqn and ask if you can join now.
Cadets can still join in lockdown.
We are having virtual parades.
All that’s needed is a consent form to be signed by your parent and that can be scanned and returned.

You might even be able to pass some exams before you attend the Sqn for the first time!

That would be a Corps first!

What kind of other activities do they do

Have a look on the Air Cadets website, it’ll provide you with a lot of info.

You sound a lot like me when I joined to be honest, i’ve been in a good few years now and have achieved more than I could ever have imagined and experienced things I would never be able to outside the RAFAC.

How does air cadets compare with the other cadets

Sea Cadets (naturally) do a lot of sea based activities, Army Cadets do a lot more fieldcraft and shooting and Air Cadets is more focused on aviation and (generally) does more flying than the other two.

Most notably in your case, it’s possible, but not guaranteed, to stay in the Air Cadets until the day you hit 20 years old. The other two you stay until the day you hit 18 years old.

It’s really just because I feel quite bored. I have an interest in the military. I have considered the reserves for when I am older. What’s it like being an adult in cadets.

Depends what you define as an adult.

Honestly, once this is all done then give it a go. I joined with an attitude of not wanting to do much and I’ve got so much from it that it’s genuinely changed my life.

It all seems very interesting I think I might have a look at joining. Just wondering though. Do you have to short hair if a boy to join.

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