Is it permitted to wear a white corlene belt (sliders and normal brass clip) for Banner Drill?

Since Remembrance Sunday is looming, I have been scouring this site + AP818 and 1358c for any reference to the type of white belt that Banner Bearers are permitted to wear.

I have seen various YT videos of parades that allow their ATC Banner Bearers to don a simple corlene belt over the jersey, yet can technically find no piece of official guidance on the matter. My Sqn has provided a corlene belt with a silver MOD plate to be worn under the jersey, but I presume this is not allowed due to its nature.

Any official guidance that I can use to support my theory that a plain corlene belt over the jersey is permitted would greatly appreciated!

AP1358C, extract from para 0140

Note: Any other type of authorised RAFAC ceremonial parades must only use the simple brass and sliders [white belt] only through demand for official occasions. See para 0627 for an image of the permitted white belt style.

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And this ‘through demand’ constitutes being a Banner Bearer, would you say?

Nope, banner bearer at a local level will be Sqn Purchase for the white belt.

That’s great! Thank you very much for your time.

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