Is HeartStart dead?

Heart starts been removed as of June… Discuss

What the Actual ■■■■? How has this come out of the blue (and I appreciate the pun considering this is a blue badge)?
What are they going to replace it with then?

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Full announcement on SW Share point.

And God knows…


Will have to look at that tomorrow. Have shut down the computer and can’t find it on mobile SharePoint.


It’s come from the BHF, not HQAC.

There are moves afoot to get a replacement at blue level. You can keep training HS uptil the 20th June, and the cadets can still wear the badge.


I just don’t understand how HQAC have been blindsided by this. The BHF just decided to give a months notice that it was shutting the programme down?

I don’t think this is actually going to cause any real issue for us. We’ve essentially moved away from Heart Start already and now call it Basic Life Saving Support I thought?

Anyway, this has come from BHF (it’s their course…) but I see no issue in HQAC making an in-house course that follows a similar structure?

My RFAO has hinted that the new design of badge may be in place in 4 weeks… So next September


Had Heartstart not already been completely replaced by BLS anyway?

Is this not just one of the Regions being behind the curve?

There is a slight difference. Heart Start currently still exists but under BHF covid rules they made it heart attack/CPR only. Therefore HQAC created the BLS course that is just the pre-covid Heart Start under a new name. (IBN 48-20)

What I think is happening now is BHF are pulling the plug on their own course. So no more certificates from BHF, but the BLS course should be able to carry on running problem free.

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Does this make it any easier to become a trainer?

More importantly… will all HSI have to go and requal…

After all…

Bleeding is bleeding
Choking is choking…

Will prob require YET ANOTHER day spent being lectured at about the obvious by first aid types…

(And they really are a stereotype these days).

I assume that we’re very likely to deliver another St John’s course, as we buy everything else from them.
This 3 hour course perhaps?

I suppose we shouldn’t be that surprised, since HS has been discontinued to new providers since 2014.

We could just follow the BHF CPR programme instead, I guess?

Why cant we just accredit our own in house program and badge?
It is after all only heartstart?
Its effectively just a scout badge…

It’s only when you get to FAAW that it’s a recognised qual…


That would be common sense but that is one thing this organisation lacks!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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And avoid paying SJA lots of money! Sounds like a good plan.

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I still don’t get why this isn’t silver


I think it’s because FAAW could be from any recognised provider, but the silver badge is SJA branded. No idea why that decision was made!