Is going for MOI as a cadet a good idea?

Hi all, I’ve been selected for a MOI course thats being run by our wing and I just wanted to ask if theres any benefit for me as I’m not an NCO and probably won’t get many chances to make use of the qualification. Does it hold any value when being considered for promotions etc.

Good Afternoon - that will totally depend on your Squadron, and how it impacts.

Did you ask to do the MoI Course?

We do have cadets with MoI who we rotate through to teach first class, ncos who don’t have MoI (which is absolutely fine because not everyone enjoys the teaching elements) don’t teach.

If your Squadron has said yes to you doing it then theoretically there should be plans for you using it.

I asked my adj who said I should go for it as its not too common in our wing, and I had no expectation of being selected. Also do they take Presentation skills scores into account when selecting for MoI? Im still first class btw about to get leading

You would of had to have a “high” score on your presentation skill, different wings will say what a high score is.

Whilst a little unusual to go as a First Class Cadet it’s not unknown anymore because some Squadrons need the flexibility.

I think it’s a great course for cadets to do, it benefits you and the Squadron is the qualification is put to use, dont forget there will be work afterwards (theres three parts to it - attending the course, doing self assessment on the Sqn, and finally being assessed)

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