Is Cadet Portal actually helpful

I usually get an email or message in the Facebook group, if I don’t get asked on a parade evening. I then click resend the welcome email. Have you had access before? I’d message your staff and go from there.

no i have not had access before

You need to be added to the sms system and once you are, you will be shown what you need to do. How long have you been with us?

like 1 week or 2 (sorry if i am wasting your time )

You aren’t wasting anyone’s time. If you have any questions that you can’t find already asked here by a quick search, then ask away and someone who has an idea on your question will answer, or tag someone who does know the answer. We do ask that you do not make your identity easy to figure out, who you are by using full names or Sqn names etc.

As you are relatively new, it varies from Sqn to Sqn. We add new Cadets onto the system (register) within the first few weeks if they show they are keen. Once they are added, they are given their cadet number which will be used to log into Cadet Portal and MyRAFAC etc.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We are here to make the time you spend with us enjoyable and memorable.

i have my cadet email ( [insert long number], and have followed exactly what the email says, so for now i am a bit stuck. thanks alot for your help

I will drop you a message in the next few days with details

Is that as soon as you open the link, or after you’ve put in your username and hit next?

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after username and done captcha and press next

Ok. First try an incognito/in private window.

Second, if the welcome email has only just come through it can sometimes take a couple of days before it works - personally what I’ve seen is it say that the account doesn’t exist despite the welcome email being pushed out, but it’s possible that global settings haven’t fully applied yet.

If it’s still not working after a couple of days ask your sqn staff to contact the help desk.

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How long was it between getting the welcome email and trying to reset your password?

I’m told you need to wait for the overnight process to run in between you getting it and trying it.

I’ve sent the welcome email, and seconds after sending they received it. It’s quite often after final parade so I rush them through to get them sorted and logged in. The only time I have had trouble is when their details have been input wrong and then I have the fun of changing and correcting it.

That’s not in debate, I don’t think.

When the first email is auto-initiated from creating the SMS profile, not manually sent later, the account isn’t instantly available.

Just my experience of a cadet getting access, they don’t seem to get the initial email from when they are added to sms. I’ve had to send the welcome email manually and then set the app up and get them to make a password to save on their phone. It is more often the night we parade before the weekend I’m setting new cadets up.