Ironing Wedgewood Shirt

Hi so it’s my first time wearing my uniform tonight (oooh exciting!) bUt I’m a little stuck with the creasing/ironing. I know how to do the slacks, and also that on my shirt I should have creases going down the sleeves but I remember being told that because I’m female there is one or two creases on the back extra?? I cant find anything on it in the booklet I was provided, or online but I messaged a cpl and she said that we do need the back crease ;; long question short - where would this/these crease/s be placed on the back?? would it just be down the centre??

I can see some that are there that are like pretty much in line with the shoulder thingy’s ((button flappy things that I cant remember the name of✨)) ;; are these the ones that are supposed to be there?

Basically you extend the darts (where the fabric is pleated at the top) down the back of the shirt in a single crease. The darts at the front are ironed with a single crease in line with the second button!

If you have access to AP1358C it’s referenced in the dress section of No2C - Females



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I know someone who insists the front darts ironed down the extent of the shirt :man_facepalming:

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Also another tip…invest in a can of spray starch…but use it sparingly

Reading that makes me glad I no longer have a uniform where I have to iron so many pointless creases into my shirts!

I made that mistake once, i went full Jeremy Clarkson on it and used half a can. Ended up replacing the shirt very quickly. I vowed never to go near the stuff again.

Lots of thin layers…and my shirt remained blue (albeit a small mark?)…but resembles cardboard

Mine was full cardboard, we are talking the whole lot not just the sleeves. Not my finest hour as a brand new cadet but certainly not my last uniform gaffe.

My advise is to get someone who knows what they are doing to do it.

And the aerosol version are easier to control

On a similar note… have the trousers changed? I find my recently issued trousers difficult to iron but my trousers four years ago as a cadet were not that difficult.

The creases seem to be in the complete wrong place.

I don’t like the Dylon starch’s nozzle - always seems to spray a ring.

Not found it locally for years, but I miss Fabric Magic. Always seemed to work well. Probably need to get myself into more pound shops to look for it…

I find Dylon’s fine - I spray it as a mist on the inside of the (damp) shirt and it works fine.

Yeah the trousers come heat treated with a crease…normally in the wrong place…you wont get rid of it just follow it

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Fair dos. Cheers @AlexCorbin

Just out of curiosity, how is the crease in the wrong place (i’ve not seen a new pair of trousers)?

Like the rest of the uniform it is seen as an easy target to cost cut.

With nearly 100,000 personnel (including cadet forces etc) to provide a uniform to saving say 20p per pair of trousers soon adds up. With a decreased cost from what was already a cheap and low quality uniform means even lower quality and a complete lack of quality control.

Goes down the side of knee instead of centrally down the knee cap

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Ah, does it line up correctly at the top?


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