Invest or Appoint

I’m becoming the Mayors Cadet soon and there’s going to be an investiture parade. But Is investiture the correct term or should it be appoint?

My opinion says appoint but after researching what investiture meant I don’t really know.

I’m pretty sure there are threads already regarding Mayors cadet.
Search is your friend.

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I suspect that the Investiture Parade/Ceremony is for the Mayor to be invested rather then yourself as the major’s cadet.

Best will in the world, a new mayor’s cadet is not reason enough to warrant a parade.

The show is for the mayor, you’re just a tag along.


This makes sense, as the parade is going to have some big wigs there like the sector commander and maybe the Gazette. And there’s going to be speeches and light refreshments and beer tents and it’s going to be an 1hr long ish. And I did think they were bigging it up more than it is.

That’s because they’ve not been allowed to do them for 2 years so they need to feed their self importance.


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That’s not even the end of it though. As not all cadets have uniform so some of them are going to wear school uniform and some in berets and no berets.

That’s on your squadron staff, nothing to do with the mayor.

The sector commander is not a “big wig” by any stretch of the imagination and why they would even be there is baffling. Unless of course they are the Mayor or a “hanger on” in your borough / council. The only people you want there are your immediate family not even your sqn cdr. I’ve seen 3 cadets on the sqns I’ve been OC of become LLC and I’ve not got involved unless the LL was attending something I was at as a matter of course. Even then I let them get on with it.

Remember in 99.9999% of instances Mayors are only councillors (politicians) who have managed to hang around (keep getting voted in) for long enough and be in the right political party to be given a year of glad handing and opening events and as one said too many “posh dos”. Mayors have no additional powers, unless it’s the new metropolitan ones who get voted in.