Intresting difference between CCF(RAF) & ATC

Personally, I am facing an interesting situation where I am about to complete a CCF(RAF) Senior NCO Cadre as a L/Cpl yet in the ATC which in fairness I only joined a year ago I am still a cadet. Now my biggest question is how do I tell my OC in the ATC that I am capable of being an NCO since I’m basically in charge of a flight in the CCF managing it and working alongside other sixth-form NCOs to improve the already horrendous situation? Furthermore, after successfully passing out from the Senior course which would be the second time I attend an NCO Cadre previously attending the Junior NCO Cadre(run by the same group of officers), it would also mean that I have done the MOI course for the second time also receiving the silver leadership badge (I currently have bronze). I’m really hoping to seek some advice on how to let my OC know my capabilities while not sounding too bossy, any help would be very much appreciated.
(side note: My ATC OC really despises the CCF as he thinks that they do things incorrectly which I very much doubt the case as such I have also mentioned it to CCF Officers and they clearly disagree!)

There are others closer to the CCF on here that can provide comment better but the CCF is very different in the way it promotes and can vary by contingent based on other threads and comments I have seen here.

I remember coming across one cadet whose CCF promoted basically based on school year who was a flight sergeant at their CCF but only reached the rank of CPL in their ATC squadron.

All I can advise is keep working hard and showing your capabilities when opportunities arise and don’t get disheartened if things don’t align across the two.

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Some CCFs do cut corners. Some ATC staff have a chip on their shoulder about CCF. Combined this can lead to a situation where you need to tread carefully.

With respect to the silver badge you can wear it on your ATC brassard as well as it is a RAFAC qualification. However - I would suggest doing the courtesy of letting your staff know before showing up one night with it. Email your training officer/adj along with your certificate so they can update their records.

As to the rank issue. I had similar as a cadet, holding different ranks in the ATC and CCF. At different times being more senior in both due to accelerated Cpl to Sgt in the ATC, but not having to wait for the pointless 18 for CWO in CCF. Every OC will have their own views on what makes a good cadet NCO which can lead to disparities. There may also be issues with the establishment in terms of how many of each rank they are allowed. By all means let your OC know you’ve been promoted in the CCF but do not do this alongside a request for promotion in ATC.

I would suggest talking to them and explaining your new role in CCF and how you hope to bring some ATC style discipline to it (the CCF haters in the ATC will lap that up). Explain that you’d also be interested in any opportunities to get experience on your squadron so you can take good practice back to the contingent. Ask if you can get some feedback on what you need to work on before the next promotion round on the squadron but don’t give the impression that you are expecting an ATC promotion simply because you have it in the CCF.

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thank you two very much for these incredibly helpful comments, in the ATC I’ve seen my OC make roughly 5 promotions to Cpl in my short span of time on Sqn but nonetheless I understand that some might argue it wasn’t a fair promotion it is the OC who’s in control of everything and I just have to appreciate the fact that it’s just how it is. (I was also apparently on the list to go to another Jnco course before they gave it to the two newer Cpl which is understandable) although am I even allowed to go on another Jnco course???

certainly seeing how both in CCF and ATC there’s been questions raised about promotion but I believe that is completely out of my control and all I can do is just stick to my role and do as told, maybe asking for opportunities along the way but that’s really, all right?

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Blunt answer; you don’t.

Less blunt answer; show them with your actions and how you conduct yourself, rather than trying to tell them. If you’re professional and humble (ie; don’t make a big thing out of being an NCO elsewhere) then you’ll likely get noticed.

“Telling” an OC that you want a promotion has the potential to come across as arrogant, which could therefore backfire and delay any potential promotion.