Interesting Camouflage facts (US)

Nothing new im sure to some in here however there are some interesting points about camo design and how it changes in close and far ranges.

Interesting tidbits to including during a cam and concealment session


Having worked alongside USMC, the Marpat has little “Globe & Anchors” embedded into the pattern to ensure the copyright isn’t impinged.

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It’s mad that the marines wouldn’t share the pattern, but also mad that anyone thought UCP was ever good. I remember seeing it at Nijmegen and it never worked.


Too much grey

Kombat do that with their MTP (‘BTP’) believe

To much light, and not enough disruption to the overall shape.

Even in the dusty, rocky mountains of Afghanistan - where the colours weren’t bad at all - what you got was a lightish grey man shape. In Europe is just ridiculous - even UK desert DPM was more effective in vegetated areas…

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Very true.

I do love an ACC Camo thread!

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Me too…

I’m a huge fan of newly issued MTP, unfortunately it labours under two baleful presences - it’s printed on cheap fabric which loses its colour over (not much) time, and idiot red-faced shouty men who insist that soldiers wash it at 60c+, and then iron it, which makes the bleaching process even more rapid.

For UK use, it’s actually made better by using old, faded/dirty DPM equipment like belt-kit and bergens. Olive/Khaki green helps in a similar way.


That’s because it’s Ally


And as we all know, Allyness saves lives


This is ally. No issues here.

The real hard hitters don’t wear PCS anyway. It’s either Crye or some other Ally derivative.