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With the recent age I am considering a move towards an intake system, and was looking for any statistics people may have to show the benefit of this or otherwise, and an example of a training plan that people follow.

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Can send you our first class training manual - including training programme - if you like (pm me an email address)


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i thought it was policy of not highly recommended that all Sqns used an intake system?

we run ours three times a year and works well. gives us enough recruits to run the lessons and gives them a groups of friends to progress with too


I don’t have any formal statistics to support my comments, but from my experience, I reckoned with ‘trickle-feed’ recruiting, we kept around 60% of recruits for more than a year, with a fixed intake system, that went up to over 80%; attendance of the new recruits during training was better too as they knew they were part of a formal training plan and so didn’t want to miss things.

Have a look at the earlier thread on this subject here, there’s some interesting comments in it which you may find useful.


What Cygnus said. I introduced this just over a year ago and it’s been nothing but good news since.

Get parents + new cadets in on the same night, do all the admin and form filling. Even get the civ com to present to parents. OC + parents one on one “this is what is available but this is what we expect” talk.

I was dubious about it before but now couldn’t recommend it highly enough, no matter what size squadron.


I wouldn’t do it any other way. I’ve used intakes for 12 years and it is a leap of faith, but as others have said the advantages by and large outweigh the disadvantages.
The only downsides are variable numbers and mates leaving on masse.
Try and find out when your local schools are doing things, like parents evenings, shows etc, there’s nothing like getting yourself ready only to find out your potential audience and or cadets are otherwise engaged. After several years I’ve now got a rough idea of when they do things and work the intakes around them.
I leave my intake open for 3 weeks as it gives those who couldn’t get there a chance and those who have joined to speak to their mates. I started out doing the event and that was it and found it to be detrimental


Matt can you add me to the list of people to send it to please? Think it’s about time we formalised our classification training as a whole.

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Any chance I could look at that as well? Looking at stepping up our recruitment in the near future, and possibly revamping the first class lot as well. PM inbound!

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This is proving to be an excellent starting point to formalising our First Class Training


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