Insurance of potential recruits

Branching from conversations held elsewhere, I was wondering if “potential recruits” are covered under the MoD insurance.

Example, a squadron runs a recruitment night and the visitors engage in some leadership and fieldcraft training, little jenny trips and hurts herself during one of the activities, resulting in an ambulance being called.

Example, at a regional airshow, as part of recruitment the cadets are running a climbing wall and due to a equipment failure a member of the public falls and then gets carted off to hospital in an ambulance.

Public Liability insurance - assuming it’s one of the RAFAC walls and operated by trained staff. You wouldn’t (shouldn’t) get it authorised on SMS otherwise…

Pass, get a 3822A and sms entry backdated a week. Job jobbed.

(you probably really shouldn’t do that)

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In this instance I would say no, as they aren’t members of the organisation at that point.

The climbing wall is more complicated… depends how it was purchased and the various permutations are complex and described in the relevant ACATI. However, the simple answer is if it’s purchased by the MOD, maintained and operated in accordance with all relevant regulations then members of the public are insured.

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I was under the impression that the MOD self indemnify, and that insurance as such does not exist.

yes yes, ok ok, technicalities.

The squadron would have to say how to come dressed.
We have potential cadets turn up in anything from school uniform to fashion items, so to try anything other than table top would be asking for trouble just on clothing.

Well, the MoD would have two choices - either accept that they’re covered, or get sued for the same.

My understanding though was the insurance covered you for injury even where there was no negligence (activity run completely correctly but just one of those “”""happens incidents that leads to an injury). If they were not covered by the insurance they would need to show negligence

What do you define as insurance? In this case the insured person is the member of staff running the authorised activity as the claim would be made against them/the MOD by the person who is injured.