Inspection Orders

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I’m a CCF (RAF) SNCO and have just been put in charge of an inspection. I am familiar with most of the drill commands. However, just one small enquiry: what do I say when I want a particular rank of cadets to stand to attention? For example, if the front rank has just been inspected and the inspecting party has moved on to the middle rank, what do I say? I say this right now:

"xxx Rank, SHUN"

Not sure about this, should it be 'rank-SHUN’? That just sounds a bit off to me!

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Middle rank shun. then followed by front rank stand at ease

This is correct, but if you want to be 100% right the middle rank should be referred to as the centre rank.


Call the centre rank to shun as the inspecting officer passes the last man on the front rank. As they reach the first man of the centre rank, stand the front rank at ease. Repeat for rear rank.

The command is front/centre/rear rank stand at ease or shun.

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And finally, put the rear rank to Ease before calling the squad as a whole back to Shun, as opposed to trying to call the front and centre ranks to shun.

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