Information I should know for promotion (JNCO)

I’m going for promotion to Corporal, I’ve handed in my letter, done a weekend at the squadron, I’m just waiting for a board date.
Is there anything specific information that I need to know/anything I should brush up on?
I have a decent understand of these things;

Wing & Region Staff (Less emphasis on region)
Current wings in my region & all the regions in the RAFAC
Dates of when things were formed (e.g RAF, RAFAC)
AP1358c & AP818
Ranks in the RAFAC & RAF
Groups in the RAF & their CO’s

I know it’s not all about memorising & knowing different things, if anyone could give me advice on anything I should know on squadron wise/just general advice for promotion that would be appreciated too : )

This question has been asked lots of times before. It would be achievable to use the search function to find previous threads and you’ll find ample information in them.

Don’t stress too much either. You’re going for a junior NCO position, not applying to be the Chief of the Air Staff.
By all means brush up on some of the structural side of the Air Cadets, particularly what you would’ve covered in First Class training, maybe also have a look at ACP 48 which looks at the role of the JNCO and I think can be found in Cadet Portal.
However don’t overthink or stress to much about this, either you’ll get promoted or (presuming you’ve got good staff that run good promotion processes) you’ll get a thorough debrief telling you what you did well and what you can try to improve on. I’d be flabbergasted if you were rejected for something as trivial as not knowing which RAF group AVM Burke commands.

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The hardest questions are the personal ones. Why would you make a good JNCO? What would you bring to the NCO team? How have you demonstrated the ability to be a good JNCO? How can you improve as a Cdt/NCO?
Have a good think about how you would answer these sorts of things, and you’ll do fine.

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