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Just a quick one - does anyone know how/if we can indent for things like cyalumes/minetape/other odds and sods for fieldcraft?

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In theory they are C stores and if you have a UIN you can indent for them. I know some Wings have been successful in doing so.

In reality stores are for storing and most requests get binned, especially for things that are commonly over requested like sniper tape, mine tape and cyalumes.

Do you have a friendly ACF or better still Army Reserve unit near by?

Asking nicely can work wonders - as does a box of biscuits!

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in short yes, i have done so but not for about 8-10 years now.

we would put a order in once a year for cylumes etc and don’t ever recall having issues from stores - the bug bare being the need to go to our parent station to pick up to speak to the contact on that occasion on the right day they were working to deal with the same person!


Is there a way to get the contact for C stores? And do they want an email or is there a proforma to fill in?

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Your WHQ wouldn’t be too happy to discover their UIN cropping up on unauthorised requests.

Either find a friendly direct (and a random contact probably isn’t going to get you that) or indirect (CCF, Reserve, other local unit/person) source off the books, or go via your WHQ.

Call up the station/base switchboard, or go via your WHQ.

Either both of those at the same for official requests, or neither for unofficial.

We don’t know where you’re trying to contact, who is there, what their procedural peculiarities are, or how amenable they are to outside contact and requests. Realistically this is a case of needing to ask around locally within other RAFAC and CF units and also speak to your WHQ to find out what your options are.

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Going back to my previous experience, we had a SI who was friendly with Stores so got us a contact who we then corresponded with.

your best bet as @Giminion suggests is to go through WHQ - if you don’t already have a relationship in place for uniform stores Wing will be able to direct you.

again my experience is a decade or so out of date now, and likely to be subtly different for each station - ours was an email with an attached filled in proforma


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