In Memoriam - Cadet Squadrons Lost, Closed, Merged & Disbanded

Part of the great thinning out of GM wing. They lost:

1804 (Four Heatons)
430 (Droylsden) Sqn
468 (Hyde and Hattersley)
1940 (Levenshulme)
174 (Rusholme)
2448 (Poynton)
2200 DF (Saddleworth School)
292 (Eccles) - as already mentioned.

Need to get 1938’s wesite updated.

Also Ynysybwl Sqn has closed down since the 1980s.

I refuse to believe this is a real place and instead you’ve definitely just put together a poor countdown choice of consonants.

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You omitted 2506 (St Joseph’s) Squadron in Newport.

Lol. It’s pronounced Un Us a Bull.


1113 (Berkhamstead) Sqn in the past 5 years - 1280 (Rickmansworth) Sqn merged with 2313 (The Chalfonts) to become 2313 (Rickmansworth & Chalfont) in the past 5 years

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And not forgetting 633 (Newport High School) Sqn.

What about the old West Essex Wing - one of the best and smallest Wings in the ATC amalgamated with London Wing in the late 90’s early 2000’s.
Plus 1107 (Leyton) Squadron
64 (Paddington) Squadron
2408 (Campion School)

RIP them all!

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You’ve got 2277 (Castle Cary) and 1031 (Frome) in Devon and Somerset both closed in the last 10 years - both suffering from lack of staff so couldn’t be supported.

1286 (Denbigh) Squadron - closed in 2010
2046 (North Meirionydd) - closed in 2005

Someone else has already mentioned 579 (Knighton) DF which closed in 2016. I imagine their cadets on the whole would have transferred to the main unit.

I’ve heard of a couple of struggling Squadrons in North Wales that may get the axe, but it’s always a case of wait and see. The rumour mill is strong but often doesn’t yield any results.

I think knowing Squadron history is always very interesting. I believe a lot of Squadrons closed after WWII but then reopened (albeit in different locations), I always wonder about their original locations and histories during/after the war.

Since I joined as a spotty cadet, Kent have lost:

  • 768 (Hayes School) Sqn
  • 578 (Langley Park) Sqn
  • 2511/402DF (Longfield) Sqn
  • 340 (Edenbridge) Sqn
  • 438 (Thanet) Sqn - Merged with 2433 Ramsgate & Manston Sqn

74 (Crayford) Sqn also closed shortly before my time


Sussex lost 1218 (Newhaven) Squadron recently. I believe it was closed on 22nd of February 2018. (Citation needed)

As I understand it, 1218 had been around since 1941, but was not a founder squadron.

Sussex also lost 2278 (Knoll School) at some point, which was merged with 176 (Hove). From Hove Sqns website:

During its long history 176 (Hove) Squadron has absorbed other Brighton and Hove units along the way, including; 2278 (Knoll School) Squadron and the former 1078 (Hove) Girls Venture Corps at the introduction of female cadets within the ATC.

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A.D. or B.C?

:rofl: Fixed the error…

TV Wing lost 2424 (Langley) Squadron a while back, not too sure on when (proabbly when they renovated the school and turned it into an academy), just when i moved bck to the area i know it is no more.

444 (Shoreditch), London Wing in 2022, no staff


1107 (Leyton) Merged into 12F (Walthamstow)

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444 was also formed of:

53 (Hackney) Squadron
416 (Bethnal Green) Squadron
1995 (Bow and Poplar) Squadron
2060 (Shoreditch) Squadron

Which also need to be on this list.

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