Important email from HQAC

Any OCs on here?? If you haven’t already, take a look at your Bader emails. There is an important email coming down from HQAC.

And no, I won’t put the content on here; when it is read and disemminated you will know why…

I assume it’s an order from the Commandant for OCs to decimate their units, pour encourager les autres?

Well that’s annoying, now I want to know what it says!

Sorry, but I agree it shouldn’t be put on here. Though if it was Restricted it shouldn’t have been sent by email in the first place!

It is a security issue.

I’m assuming we are talking about the same thing. The attachment should indeed not have been sent by e-mail outside of DII.

But, the essential subject of the e-mail is publicly available:

Unless you’re talking about something else.

Im pretty sure its the Email about DYER and its on the rolling announcements on sharepoint. :?

It wasn’t and I have just seen note. Middle management doesn’t need to know these things.

It’s been cascaded to all bader (Adj and Training accounts) staff it seems.

Why not general accounts, why only 3 staff on the unit. Unless it links to this Announcement on SharePoint

My training account hasn’t received it.

Might have in your Wg/Rg - hasn’t in ours.

I sent it to all my staff because I’m awesome.

I’m not a Sqn OC, Adjt or Training Officer. And, having read it, it should be available to everyone on here. It’s a poor OC who doesn’t share it.

This is driving me mad. :crying:

I imagine it’ll be broadly similar to the announcements at Sharepoint.

It’s just relating to security arrangements in light of the recent issues that have become apparent in the media over the last 48 hours. It isn’t anything special, and is a general caution over security.

I see. I don’t agree with it only going to OC’s but heyho.

Both emails are on sharepoint. Be it about the security issues or the DYER developments.

Both emails are on sharepoint. Be it about the security issues or the DYER developments.[/quote]
Link please?

there on the Announcments scrole bar