Important Changes to Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award Scheme - IBN 003 - 2024

There is a new IBN that has been added to key docs, but not been put out as an announcement yet.

Loos like DofE are changing the way they deliver their training for volunteers, and moving over to an online based system.

This actually looks like a decent move. Always seemed silly having to go to a Squadron that’s over an hour away to sit an watch a powerpoint for the DofE intro course.


Does seem like a positive move.


This has been on the cards for a long time now. The RAFAC were the last org to be able to deliver in house.

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This should make DofE more accessible


Only accessible if staff want to deliver :man_shrugging: We get emails on the subject regularly from our DofE Officer, yet some squadrons just don’t want to deliver…

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Recently went through the foundation and then leader package (first in my wing). Was pleased I could actually learn something and not turn off from online learning. The last part was a facilitated meeting which was very beneficial to a newbie like myself.