ILM after OIC

Hi All.

I am soon going to do my Officers Initial Course at Cranwell and I see there is the option of doing the ILM Level 4 Award. Does anyone know how much extra work this will be, what you have to do and whether it is actually worth it??

Is it true you also get post nominal letters…surely that cant be right?

Cheers all!

Hi Tim,

It’s not a massive amount of work - there are some assignments to do, and a reflective account.

You have 12 months to complete it, and it’s all done through Moodle, the assignments relate to your experiences of leadership, leadership types etc.

And yes you can use the Post Nominals “LCGI” on completion.

In terms of worth doing - depends whether it will be useful in your day job - my workplace look highly on these type of courses, so I completed my Level 6 Graduateship, and it helped me move up in the Company purely on that basis.

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For something like £150 and a couple of
Nights work, it ended up me getting £50 a month more from my then company doing my normal job… no thought required on my part!

And I don’t use the post nominals it’s not my thing

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Hi TimSqn, do you mean the ILM leadership/management award, or the City and Guilds Professional Recognition Award, ie Licentiateship, Graduateship, etc? (Both currently offer Level 4 awards for adult learners!)

Some info on ILM from CVQO website here;

And on City and Guilds from CVQO website here;

I believe if you undertake the ILM awards you have therefore gained a qualification eligible to register as an appropriate category of membership (and pay for said membership!), and as a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) you may use post-nominals. If you successfully complete a C&G award you can use post-nominals for the award you achieve.

Neither is a huge amount of work, but needs your focus to evidence the criteria. Good luck!

Out of curiosity, is this qualification or similar available to SNCO RAFAC?

There are qualifications available from both ILM and C&G which recognise the SNCO roles too… Those two links above will tell you all you need.

Old thread but couldn’t find a better one.

I’ve got a member of my Sqn staff who is eligible to complete the ILM level 4 after they did OIC and they were asking for opinions on if it’s worth the £215. I have no idea but wondered if the collective knowledge of ACC has any views either way?

Has anyone got any views? Worthwhile? Waste of time/money?

I would say yes in most cases, depending on cost and career plans. Personal circumstances might be different of course.

This qualification is about £500+ from other providers and will be more work (as they’re doing the ATC course anyway), so it’s good value.

In many careers, having a leadership and management qualification would be an advantage in job applications and salary negotiation. Level 4 is comparable to Year 1 university, so worthwhile. An Award is much less study than a year at uni obviously.

Having completed OIC recently I thought the option of ILM was taken off the table?

They’ve changed their minds. Lisa at ATF sent out a message this week with enrollment forms.

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As above, it’s back on but now CFAVs have to pay for the qualification when I believe in the past it was funded so free for CFAVs .

At that level will employers value it/is there much personal development that can be gained from completion?

The amount of personal development depends on the individual. They should then get even more from ATC roles.

Completing the qual is probably more about demonstrating skills to the potential employer and could lead into discussion about role and responsibilities in the ATC. Level 4 is above A level, similar to HNC, so most HR would note it. Without the qual, that whole set of skills and experience might not be noticed or understood.

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That’s true and I hadn’t thought of it in way, thanks.

Does anyone know the types of tasks? Is it achievable in Covid times for example or is there a practical element required?

It’s a good qualification. It is recognised by lots of organisations and is definitely good for personal development.

However many larger organisations who pay the apprenticeship levy are using ILM qualifications as a claw back. Some are attaching it to training contracts - but some are giving it away just to stop them wasting money.

Could be worth asking their employer before putting their hand in their own pocket.

Obviously CIC now but anyone know if this is still a thing? As far as I can see, SharePoint suggests it is still recognised but doing a quick “CVQO ILM Level 4 RAFAC” Google pulls nothing from the CVQO website. Add that to the above link no longer working, and methinks CVQO might have axed it? I presume the same for the L5 emanating from the Squadron Commanders Course?

I know it’s absolutely not the reason we put on the uniform, and regardless I’d still go for the CFC and my CIC. However, for younger staff, getting the change to do the ILM is a significant perk. Especially for those that might not have chosen the university route, having the L4 in Leadership and Management under our belts could be a key factor in whether or not we get our first promotion at work, for example.

I know the City and Guilds PRAs exist, but these feel more oriented to CFAV that have been in post 5+ years, not fledgling Plt Offs fresh from Cranwell, so it’s not really the same.

One of the best parts of our organisation is the accreditation and qualifications both staff and cadets can get - I arguably owe my first part-time job to the old BTEC Level 1 and the ILM Level 2 - so it would be a great shame if this one has been lost…

Following… I too would be interested

Not sure about the L4 or L5 but I’m in the middle of planning a L3 course and CVQO have been very helpful with aiding in the delivery so far.

If you’re interested why don’t you email them? Having spoken in depth with the ILM lead they run bespoke level 3 courses, perhaps they’d do the same with a L4/L5 if CIC is not valid?

Will email but I’m more worried they’ve withdrawn ILM L4/5 altogether as can’t see anything on the website at all to suggest it’s still a thing…

Lots of my colleaguse currently enrolled on CVQO course have recieved emails to finish courses by X date or not at all due to withdrawl of CVQO courses, this includes people doing T&E and ILM.

Maybe thats the hint