Idiocracy: Examples of real life following the movie

What examples does everyone have that demonstrate how we’re heading down the path towards the plot of the movie Idiocracy becoming reality.

I’ll start; 2 tech bros heading for “Rehabilitation” Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg agree to hold cage fight - BBC News

I mean have you looked at the world?

Speaking to a mate yesterday and he was saying how he doesn’t know if he ever wants kids as can’t afford them - fitting firmly in the shoes of the premise of the film as we both know several people our age that do have multiple kids and may not necessarily qualify to be noble prize winners.

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I think the only reason we can is because of my bike crash compensation…

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The annoying thing is that there’s no returns policy on them

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Money sounds sweet but can I get that without the years of rehab and crippling pain?

That would be the dream. I would say win the lottery? Because surviving a five day pelvic bleed is as close as I’ve got to that.

Oh, i suppose that’s another idiotic thing for the world.

Nearly lose it in a motorcycle crash, ten years later, I’ve got another two.

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