Ideas on Information Software (Free)

I’m more liking Technology more to Paper. Having never done anything like this before I’m looking for some pointers. Obviously with Cadet Portal and simple QR Codes of upcoming events, I’m looking for info on any freeware ideas that allow me to show info such as upcoming events.

Basically asking Sqn’s that already do this that do not use a raspberry pi. Every search I have made through google has shown sites that use the pi :neutral_face:

What exactly are you hoping to achieve?

A display somewhere with the CP QR codes displayed?
If thats the case then any laptop/pc from the past decade can be hooked up to the display and a single (or multiple) powerpoint slides shown and set to auto transition through.

We are developing a digital display to show news, events, training plan etc and provide something Central for cadets to use to manage parade timings etc. I know another squadron has done something to show cadet portal qr codes too.

Google ‘making a digital dashboard’. That’s what you’re talking about… I think.


Yep, that’s it

A screen that shows info on, upcoming events, nightly training plan, current time and date etc and could add Event QR codes too I suppose although I just post the link on our Cadet’s Facebook channel that they can click. We get so many new parents and cadets joining and it gives them something to view while they are filling forms out or their child is being shown round the Sqn.

Using the word Dashboard instead of signage that I was using has brought a lot of different ideas to look into :grimacing:

We use yodeck, although haven’t looked at putting QR codes on it as yet

Is that using Rasperry Pi and are you paying anything or is it actually free?

Yes it is using a Pi, and it’s free - I believe that we would have to pay if it was for more than one screen.

Or create a page on your Squadron website, and use Pi Kiosk

We are using yodeck too. There is a widget for QR codes.