Ideas for outside visitor talks/presentations

Hey im looking for ideas on what would be good places to contact for them to give talks or presentations of things or experience to cadets. Obviously there is traditionally police,coastguard,fire etc, any other ideas?

Local aviation societies usually have good contacts.

Forestry commission, Natural England (or NRW, or FLS etc…) the kids will get an interesting chat, and you might get an ‘in’ on some training locations you’d not otherwise have known about or got access to - and the kids will have their eyes opened to carrers that the schools ignore.

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Depends where you are but:

Lowland/Mountain Rescue

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we are located rurally in scotland 1 is mountain rescue team which i will be getting in touch with.

Maybe get the Army Cadets \ Sea Cadets in …

…they seem to be doing well ! :wink:

We’ve recently had a talk from a retired pilot who lives locally (cut his teeth on Tornado GR4, then went to the containers at Waddo).

CWGC are always good talks/presentations.


We had a good presentation from local Police last night.

Some while ago, the local British Army Careers team gave a good talk & ran some mini-command exercises.

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Whilst I appreciate this was initially tongue in cheek it’s probably not a bad shout.

Any joint events get the cadets interactive or doing some cross service interaction could be quite interesting.


The police nights have always gone down well. We’ve had a mixture over the years of PCs/PCSOs/Dog handlers/AFOs etc. The AFOs brought a load of toys the last time including little RC camera roller thingy. All good fun for the cadets as well as being very informative.


The one I remember from my cadet days was the drug team coming down with a sniffer dog and some samples to demonstrate how good they are at finding drugs. We lost a cadet that night on discipline grounds.

If you want me to give a talk on working in international development within South America, feel free to drop me a line.

Ref the drug teams post above …would be interesting to announce the upcoming visit (fictional of course!) of said team and how good their dogs were blah blah blah …and then see how many Cadets / Staff fail to attend that night :wink:

who do you contact exactly for that?