Ideas for last minute plans/activities for "spare" cadets

So, I’m starting to get a programme put together in my new role as training officer, however I have a couple of questions for people on here:

  1. I have a a group of cadets doing D of E and a group of cadets doing weapons training for a few evenings coming up, however it leaves a group of mixed range of cadets (about 10 of them). Does anyone have suggestions of what I could do with them? I was thinking maybe balsa wood modelling of some kind, or some little project they could do for the same few evenings the others are sorted for rather than having to think of something new every night…

  2. What last minute ideas do you have incase plans fall through etc? I want to be able to have a “bank” of ideas as such, so if we have a problem with anything then I can suggest something productive!

Thanks :slight_smile:

two minute talks?

radio phonetics hangman?

first class quiz? (ie have a quiz set up ready to go based on the first class syllabus thus all can get involved

general/air rec quiz?

Team building/leadership exercises are a good one.

These don’t have to be overly complicated or involve lots of equipment.

PM me if you want any suggestions.