Ideas for Fundraisers

I’m looking for fundraiser ideas to take forward to my OC

Not just to raise money for Sqn but also good causes (charity)

Does anybody have any ideas

Thank you

Depending on your parent numbers and how many friends you have you can use easyfundraising, it may take you a year to raise much through people shopping online but when the pennies…and I literally mean pennies start rolling in you will be able to afford a 10 pack of black pens :rofl:

There is the obvious bag packs you can do, but you may struggle to get cadets interested so get the parents to push them. I’m sure there will be a few more ideas put below.

sponsored event like a walk,
Sqn has to walk X amount of miles.

Race night, 2 ways of doing it the dodgy videos or the live action version with your own course, cadets and dice ( I loved arranging that!! )

Football cards.

How are you planning to do this cadets go away and come back with money to hand in or the sqn does something together in a hall?