Ideas for ASPIRE-themed activities (Pride month)

Morning all,

I’m planning a night of activities related to ASPIRE themes in June, specifically Pride month, but I’m struggling to figure out my plan here. I already have a few ideas, but I could really do with a few more.

Can anyone reccomend some ideas for what would work for a squadron Pride night?


Chrystal in the Mighty Conc.

It might be worth you speaking to your Wing Aspire Representative as they will have a number of ideas and resources to help you.


@ACR Any suggestions?

I’ve got an ASPIRE Engagement Group meeting next week, so I could ask them


Watch the film Pride

The 2014 film, you mean?

Im going to get roasted for this…
But is there a need for this as a RAFAC activity?

Have you really got time in the programme, with everything else to fit this in?

If one area of diversity is celebrated then all the others need to be also. Else thats not showing true awareness of diversity.
Got enough parade nights for that?

Have the cadets asked for it? Will the vast majority wonder TF is going on?


I’ve discussed my plans with the Sqn Trg Off, and I have a date set for it, so yeah, we’ve got time.

I have looked at other aspects of diversity in the past and run appropriate activities on squadron, so I am certainly not disregarding the diversity of diversity, but I believe that running a Pride night is appropriate given the demographics of our squadron and my roles on squadron.

I have made it well-known amongst my fellow Cadets and NCOs that I am working on this night and they are welcome to contribute towards planning the night, so they’ll know what’s happening (unless they never look at their messages on our squadron chats).