Ideas for an NCO night?

Hi all,
Writing this message to ask for ideas. We have a planned NCO night at my sqn tomorrow night, but don’t know what activities to do. We were planning on doing Capture The Flag (because the cadets have been asking for that for a while) but the CO has not okay’d that due to the H&S risk (we’re currently operating on an old RAF site, and have the whole site bar some hangars for use).
I came here because I know you guys would have some great ideas - before you ask, yes, we do have a backup plan in case we can’t go outside, but it’s mainly outside activities that we’re aiming for.
Any help would be greatly appreciated guys :slight_smile:

Cpl Stilinski (online name)

Why not arrange then an orienteering and task exercise around the base???

Each group go round a course and at some way points there is a task such as a FA scenario or a leadership exercise the group need to do


According to my Wing, improvised orienteering is AT, and needs a BEL qualification or similar to run it, plus clearances from WHQ…

Stick them in greens, and class it as leadership, however, and you should be golden (assuming it’s correctly risk assessed!).

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Thanks, I needed a giggle this morning!

I like that idea - especially good if there are several NCOs each who can run a stand.