ID cards

Anyone know where on sharepoint how to find the ID card application form anyone got a link to it ?

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The uniformed CFAV one was in the forms directory of key docs last time I looked.


There is also the CI membership card things too. Not proper id though.

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CI membership cards used to be through SMS, but not sure if they’re still a thing?

Mine was through volunteer portal I think

What’s the purpose of the membership cards if they’re not accepted as ID?

If MOD Civil Servants and contractors can have MOD 90s, why can’t CIs?

I think the card is a bit pointless. I have one, I’ve never used it.

And yeah, there really isn’t a reason why CIs couldn’t just get MOD 90s. There’s been a few times where having one would have made life significantly easier. I assume it’s a cost issue? No clue.


Politics probably. Anyone willing to VOP it… :wink: ?

References to eligibility criteria, design elements, and differentiating factors between branches/versions removed.


where is the form for the pointless id card For CI? do you have a link for it?

Used to be done through SMS.
The button was disabled for me, though - maybe contact Wing?