I was asked but I really don’t know what to say

Following my last subject I have learnt that the right way is not always the best way with in the corps I have been ask by a friend in the corps. his OC arranges for a trip for the Sqn to a museum in itself great however he took 30 cadets the only fully enrolled member of staff was himself and three members of staff that only had DBS checks none of their paperwork is back yet on top of all this he didn’t even do a pipe for the visit question being what should they do with this info. Of late I have come understand the best way forward is to make sure it’s not going to come back and bite you and ignore it. What’s your thoughts

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It’s tough because if your friend kept quiet and it came out in the wash that he knew and didn’t report/action it he would be told thank you for your service and good bye.

Firstly is your mate a cadet, because how would they know the full story? Perhaps the other staff are all official on bader just not had certificates through and a pipe may have been raised. If it hasn’t then the OC needs reminding of the rules if it’s the first case and repeated cases passed up the chain of command.

Surely we have a whistleblowing policy?

I think we’ve covered that policy on here before.

  1. Blow whistle up the chain of command
  2. Get managed out
  3. Cover up

Now you’ve got it.

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No we don’t. :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:

See hereAsk the team.

As does the CCFA (piggybacking off the same policy) including to CCF(RAF) CFAVs.

Why do you ned one, see farmerdan above for an answer.

If it makes you feel better, I’m led to believe that GM Wing are currently on exercise with an SMS application that is still showing as in draft.

Presumably because there are CFAVs attending who do not hold current DBS certificates…

I’m glad none of my cadets are away with them…

Someone’s head is going to be on the block.

If anything goes wrong, if it doesn’t carpet and brush.

Well I hope someone in the gods reads this then commences to rain on them

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I doubt it unless as I say something goes badly wrong.

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I reckon your analysis is correct!

I’d understand it if we were still on paper records, or even old versions of the SMS, but the new application process flags it up to everyone!!

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The RIAT camp has typically been in draft at the time the first Cadets arrive. Often only approved weeks later…


Sometimes the hypocrasy oof this organisation is astounding!


I suspect some part of that is leaving it until the last minute so that changes can be made to the details very late into the process. Previously once an activity was approved it locked down most of the elements of that activity and required significantly more faff to make it accurate, but with the current version it is only really changes in staff set as “directing staff” that needs coordination with the approver.

SMS has been tweaked to work for squadron and multi-squadron activities. It seems to work OK for wing but anything higher level than that starts to show cracks in the capabilities.