I want a new piercing

So i have my ear pierced and no one minds but i’ve wanted a lip piercing for ages. Do you think this would be acceptabe?

The hole in your face would be fine, but you cannot wear jewellery in it while in uniform or if we consider it to constitute a hazard during a cadet activity. I doubt you could even cover it with a plaster.

Also, if you want (i realise this might not be the case but mentioning just in case ) a future career in the forces. Think twice.

Also many civvie employes dont take kindly to metal implants of personal choice. Or even their holes if empty.

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Thanks. I’ve tried getting into the forces all ready though and was rejected.

Cheers for the insight

frenchy, a bit of advice and its up to you at the end of the day…

my family member got piercings all over their face and tattoos to match on the arms. 12 years later they are stuck in a stupid dead end job.
They have applied and went for numerous interviews for their dream job and then they get rejected continuously at the interview stage. They have also paid and got themselves as qualified as they can and do it in a voluntary basis but to take the next step to be full time they need company sponsorship.
They have now came to realise that as their dream job involves face to face working with people and they do now look a bit of a state the companies are saying no as they are covered in piercings and tattoos and its now a bit too late to do anything about it.

many people will say they can’t do this or that but the bottom line is a company can, all they have to say is we didn’t think the person would be a good fit for the company.

so please PLEASE think very carefully, what you do today is with you for ever!


Okay cheers

The answer is as Incubus set it out. It isn’t No.

You can have whatever you want pierced, you just can’t have anything installed in that piercing when in uniform.