I still don't have a uniform

I’m the only one without a uniform and my enrollment date is coming up soon… I try and tell my CO that I need to be measured and he always says ‘‘don’t worry we’ll do it tonight’’ and it never happens. What do you think I should do? I am already missing out on events in the squadron because I don’t have a uniform. As well as this I’ve given him money for the shoes and he says he’s waiting for a cadets shoes to turn up before he orders mine. I’m really worried that I’m being forgotten about and just want my uniform.

What can’t you do without a uniform?

If you’ve been enrolled, and have a 3822 that’s enough. Even when I was a cadet I did things when I didn’t have a uniform and in those days depending on when you joined, you could like me, wait 6 months. We have cadets that do things and don’t have a uniform. It’s bad form if your sqn isn’t letting you do things because you don’t have a unform, as it’s not your fault. Just put your name down or hand up to do things and if told no, get mum/dad to have a word with the CO.

We have cadets like you waiting for uniform, but the Adult FS is upfront about it. There is a shortage and problems with the supply of uniform across the country and if your squadron doesn’t hold a decent stock, that could a problem. Our CO was quizzed why we have so much uniform in stock and told them, get the supply problems sorted

You or more correctly mum/dad handing money over for shoes, is a bit iffy in my book. I know some squadrons who supply cadets with shoes, but this seems to be borne by the CWC and cadets then buy them, but they don’t pay in advance.

if you are really concerned, ask your parent to go in and see him.

From my point of view, as soon as a cadet orders shoes and pays for them, they are ordered. However, it does also depend as to whether the supplier has your size in stock but if they are being ordered from your parent station then it shouldn’t take too long.

Complaining here will do absolutely NOTHING.

How about your parents measuring you and bringing the measurements in with them, going into the OC’s office before parade starts, Head circumference, collar size, (if female, bust size), waist, hips, inside leg.

Have your parents actually been into the office to speak to the OC in the first place If not why???

As for shoes, our squadron never purchases shoes/boots for cadets.
Shoes are about £14.99 and boots (all leather) about £25 on Ebay

Myself or the WO will measure cadets up when they are a few weeks off getting uniform so we have time to order in if we don’t have their sizes in. And as for shoes our OC orders sizes in bulk for 3 cadets or more and pays the postage and charges the cadets the price of the shoes only.

Obviously the parents are told the price before anything is ordered. With that we always point the parents in the right direction of where they can order shoes if they want to do it off their own back and receipts are always given to parents.

the poster although complains, does ask for advice “what do you think i should do?” - it is unfair to indicate the poster is simply here to rant and complain.

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I can see that, for a new cadet, this would be a worry. Others are right about the need for uniform but I would argue, for a teenager, there is the need to fit in and not be different. I would also argue, for the cadet, it is nice to be in uniform when enrolled (although not essential).

Try this approach Betty111… Get your parents to measure you in centimeters for the following:

Beret size - (measure around the head, 1 inch above the eye brow)

Collar Size - (Measure around your neck, making sure its not too tight)

Chest Size - (Measure around the fullest part of your chest passing the tape measure loosely under you arms making sure its not too tight)

Waist Size - (Measure around waist at the height trousers are normally worn. Keep one finger between tape and body. Take the measurement over a shirt, but not over trousers)

Inside Leg - (Stand with feet slightly apart and measure inside leg from centre crotch to floor)

Seat - Measure your seat over the widest part, usually approximately 8 inches below the waistline.

Skirt Length (Female only) - (Measure from your normal waistline to just below the knee)

Hips (Female only) - (measure around the widest part of your hips)

Height - (Without shoes on, stand against a wall and measure from top of head to the floor)

Shoe Size - (Size & Width)


Make the measurements snug as military sizes are inclined to be large.

Having got these measurements put them into a nice table so that everything is clear. Print it out as well as a blank version and go in and say to your CO… “Sir, I know you have been really busy so I have made this up for the Squadron”. Hand him the blank form so that he can use it for others and then hand him the completed version saying “and here are my sizes”. He will say something and you can say that you are really keen to get into uniform as you are the only one without it. You could also ask him how long the uniform will take to get.

Now leave with him and if nothing happens ask your parental units to go in and ask what is happening (in a nice way).

Good luck!


Thank you so much!

I was not in any way saying that they were having a rant.
Clearly, posting a complaint that they think they are being ignored on a forum will not do anything to answer their complaint.
I put forward clear and justifiable comments as to what they should be doing to resolve their problem.

I issue the uniform at our squadron


ok i will bite.

yes you gave solid advise, but you also critised and offered negative feedback to a post, from a poster who all evidence indicates is a young Cadet and new to the forum. although an element of “complaining” is present, this adds context to the problem.

the poster did not create the thread to complain, they came here for advise not simply to complain - the intention wasn’t to get a resolution from complaining, but asking advice.

Any update on you getting a uniform and your shoes yet?