I can't swim


Hi, I was just wondering whether when you go to camp you have to go swimming. I can’t swim and swimming is something that we may have the opportunity to do during camp. What do you suggest I do?


take your swimming kit, and tell the staff
some staff dont mind teaching people to swim


Above all, don’t worry about it. I would say the same as big_g.


Thanks so much! This has really put my mind to rest.


you dont have to swim if you dont want. Just let the staff know


No one will force you to swim. It’s totally up to yourself on whether or not you go or not. On my own experiences at camp we’ve often been giving the chance of going swimming and completing part of our swimming professioncy or else go to the gym and do a sport like badminton etc.


What a real shame that at 13+ people can’t swim. I’ve watched too many cadets like yourself, miss out on great fun when swimming is on the menu at camp over the years.
it should be compulsory to teach kids to swim at primary school.
Swimming is a great social and potential life saving skill. Who cares that you can’t ‘kick a ball’ or do something facile in gym, they are not going to save your life.
As a parent knowing your kids feel confident in water and if they fall in they’re able to, hopefully, get themselves out of danger, is quite comforting.


I would learn to swim at some point. It is a useful skill.