HSEP Form 009

I’ve been looking through ACP 5 for an answer to this but can’t seem to find one. I took over as our squadron H&S officer around a year ago and my squadron has about 8 years worth of HSEP 009 forms filed away in a folder and filing cabinet. How long do we need to keep these forms for? Hoping I can clear out a drawer…

Our regional h&s guy said keep a year.

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Our health and safety officer before he left due to real life commitments said to scan all paperwork that was taking up drawer space and shred the paper work. We now have drawer space and no more forms in the loft. Took months but I got there, we never really had a health and safety officer on Sqn so it was a mess.

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Thanks for the reply! I figured it would be around about that time. Given we have roughly yearly inspections from WSOs it made sense that any paperwork from before the previous inspection could be disposed of. Part of my issue was that we don’t currently have a regional H&S person and our wing one was just as unsure as I was haha

That’s actually a very good idea! I never thought of that… a memory stick or portable HD takes up a lot less room than a folder. Thanks for that advice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Instead of using a memory stick or HDD, there’s always space on one drive to store stuff. That gives you access to it as and when you need it then too.

And Bader One Drive provides suitable data protection controls, unlike a USB stick. Or you could ask for a Sqn SharePoint area on Bader.

In addition, you get access by multiple users too. We use it for everything. Agreed, it also hits syops requirements too.

I’m struggling to think of a time I’d need immediate, cloud-based access to historic routine safety checks :slight_smile:


I use old stuff for: practical tasks when teaching someone else how to do the process, as a reference point for new or updates to the information and just in case something historic comes up. Especially if it’s an incident and people have three years to consider an injury claim. Never know these days

If only that were true. There is (or at least was when I was getting the annoying emails) a 2GB limit. . .

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Ah ok, I would go down the SharePoint route then. I use it for work and have over 20GB on it and no issues. I’ll contact my Bader PoC and see if there is a limit on storage sizes in SharePoint.

Create an Office 365 Group, sensibly named for your squadron. You can then share it with other users as needed. You can even sync the group’s OneDrive/SharePoint locally

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For most hs&e paperwork is to be archived for 3 years bar accident paperwork which is longer but they are held further up the CoC. So simply 3 years archive either on paper or electronic for most paperwork.

Link to policy from ACP 5 here: