HQAC SG team comms

Off the back of reading comments on RAF Air Cadets main Facebook (which were promptly deleted), seems as though I’m not the only one who thinks that HQAC SG teams communication, and complete lack of compassion are a joke.

For a team that were lauded as a model of professionalism - they are a complete and utter joke.

They will happily suspend CFAV for months on end, causing untold misery, and despite reaching a stage where they have clear evidence that the allegation is false and the suspension no longer required, they will happily allow it to continue for months more, depriving the squadrons, and wings of staff.

They do not provide updates, or follow the policy as laid out in ACP20. Having recently returned from a 6 month suspension which turned out to be utter fabrication, I was not updated at all throughout the process. Including when the assessment was complete, any timeline at all, or any support.

They have a complete lack of compassion, and need a realistic overhaul. I’d kept my thoughts to myself, but on seeing comments from other CFAV before see Media Übergroupen Fuhrer deleted all the posts from them, I thought I would post up my experiences, to see if there are others who are going through this, who need support.

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It’s a very common thing. CFAVs suspended for months and months then NFA from HQ.

In some cases it’s as they are waiting on investigations, police etc etc so nothing they can do but other times it’s because there is someone missing in the chain chasing the case and the CFAV is the one that suffers.

I think a lot of times it’s simply apathy on the part of the case manager. The case manager could have updated me at different stages but failed to do so, it was clear from the outset and throughout that I didn’t matter, and the attitude was very much “you’re just missing your hobby for a bit, it’s no big deal”


The same for me, and by the looks of comments on Facebook, the same for others too.