How to write a letter to the OC

This is what I ended up writing - hope it is okay:



I am sorry that I, once again, cannot make it tonight as I am revising and this is currently meaning that the time on Tuesdays is really important for me to be productive!

Firstly, I would like to mention that I wanted to do the JNCO development course, but unfortunately the new date coincides with the EFA, but I suppose sometimes things are like that in life!

I had a thought about something I thought would be fun to do on squadron, and wanted to speak to you about it and see what you think. I would be more and happy to discuss the possibilities with you in person, but I am really keen to make a start.

It occurred to me that over time speaking to fellow cadets, that the majority have the ability to play a musical instrument, and that sparked this idea. I was thinking - why have we got so many musicians but not using them and doing something with our musicality.

I looked on the ‘air cadet central’ forum and saw that it had been done before, where squadrons have involved music more, by becoming a marching band or a “function band” which seems less formal, and have performed at annual awards evening dinners and parade nights. That was more what I was thinking.

My thinking was that we would have a couple of nights in the training plan , preferably not too far apart, where we would rehearse. Perhaps in Winter this could be Fridays fortnightly , or even more regularly, however I understand that throughout the year that the training plan gets pretty full! The main goal would be to all enjoy playing some fun tunes together as music is something that unites.

If you think this is a good idea, then my plan would be (with your permission) to find out what basic equipment we have in our stores and whether the civilian committee would be able to fund some music stands and perhaps some music, for example.

If allowed, I would be happy to organise the band, as I have prior experience by being the main member of a band in my school, where I have arranged new music and organised “gigs” . Sadly, this week is my final week of playing in assemblies with this music group- which is something that I will very much miss. But if we had a squadron band, I thought that we could start gradually and see where it takes us.

I have also read about “sector bands” but I am not sure what our area is like for musical opportunities and whether our building would be a bit small to accommodate something like this! I was expecting to start small as a sqn as I am presuming that the bigger = the more expensive!
Please let me know what you think Sir! I will be attending squadron on Friday evening.

Yours Faithfully,

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what you’ve written is great, however its a lot of yap for an email. Our OC’s have enough emails to read already without us adding an essay to that list. keep it simple with


apologies for not being present this evening.

whenevers best can we have a conversation about starting a squadron band? it’s something im very interested in and would be very excited to explore.


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hi mate just saw this thread, few opinions, you don’t have to go through with them

you don’t really need this bit. “as I am revising” is enough

cut the second “I thought” - “I had a thought about something fun to do on squadron”

think you meant “more than happy”

“which sparked this idea” would flow better

“but not taking advantage of their talent” would flow better

“On the “air cadet central” forum, I saw that other squadrons had formed marching bands or less formal “function bands” which perform at awards evening dinners and parade nights. The latter was more what I was aiming for.” would flow better

“Perhaps” means basically the same thing

I wouldn’t put conditions on an initial letter, makes it less appealing

“With your permission, my plan would be to” flows better


Your OC probably couldn’t care less

See how successful the sqn band is before exploring this

“…perhaps we could talk about this then?”

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I agree with this, when I had a project that I wanted to undertake with my OC, I just asked him after final parade if we could talk about it on the next parade night, however your OC might appreciate being able to read the email in their own time rather than wasting time on a parade night on introductions when it could be used on getting you set up for the band.

its your call after all you know your OC best

depends if your band is going to be playing during any formal parades

Hello, unfortunately I had already sent the letter when I got your reply, however I think our OC would rather have the flexibility of reading the letter whenever and wherever as he is usually very busy on parade nights!

Many Many thanks, and I do wish that your reply came before sending as I agree with 99% of the changes that you suggested !