How to wear mtp waterproofs?

Hey all,

Just wondering do you wear the MTP lightweight waterproof jacket under the MTP
smock or over the smock?

Many thanks.

I wear it instead of a smock, but it should go over - assuming it is big enough. The only reason to wear a waterproof under a smock would be if your smock was already soaked.


As a Cadet I wear it instead of a smock when it’s raining. The SNCOs don’t like it though because of “uniformity” so most of the time I gotta take it off and become soggy.


It depends entirely on what you’re doing, how long you’ll be doing it, and how bad the weather is.

If I was doing 30 minutes foot drill in the rain on a Sqn night, I’d wear it over my smock/whatever. If I was spending the entire day on the range/training area and the weather was going to be foul I’d wear it underneath my smock - I’d need the pockets of my smock, and I’d want to protect the fragile gore-tex from the rough and tumble of a day on the training area.

Horses for courses…


However do they cope when some people are legitimately wearing CS95 waterproofs in MTP?


Tell them tough. Becomes a welfare issue if they’re refusing.


I thought lightweight waterproofs went under the smock, heavyweight went over?

In my experience regulars are less interested in such rubbish.



In both the regular and reserves there are only three rules when it comes to individual field dress choices: could you cause a blue-on-blue, are you going to make yourself ill, and can you be seen from a greater distance than had you been wearing what your CO is wearing.

Once those are covered no one cares.

The ACO’s fussiness with regards to how MTP/DPM is worn is both unwarranted and ridiculous - not least because just a week after getting all bent out of shape over how cadet B chooses to wear her waterproofs on a range, it will send her out on a three day DofE expedition in a far more exposed environment and tell her it’s entirely up to her how she chooses to dress…


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